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Noble Raghav Rishi is an internationally acclaimed narrator of musical Shri Ram Katha, Shrimad Bhagwat katha and all the Puranas. He has been devoted to the welfare of mankind through Shri Ram-Krishna katha in as many as sixteen states of India as wellas in various foreign countries. His institution, ‘International Rishi culture Development Organisation (IRCDO) has over 60 centers in America, Thailand, Canada,Nigeria (Africa) and India.

It appears as though Godess Saraswati herself is speaking through his

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voice. The number of his followers has been increasing rapidly not only in India but in various other countries of the world. Influenced by his humility, simplicity and effective style, innumerable people have been attracted and devoted to god. Huge gathering of followers listen attentively to his sermons and assimilate them.Rishiji, untiringly keeps on spreading the light of Shri Ram katha throghoutbthe year. His assiduity and devotion to his cause is of such a high degree that it seems one day the stream of his discourses will have reached every nook and cranny of his world. ‘Hari ananta, Hari katha ananta; Lord Shiv first told this katha to Shiva and since then this same katha has been reaching and benifitting the mankind through Maharishi Bhardwaj Goswami Tulsidas and countless scholar saints. In the same sequence, honourable Raghav Rishi, in the age of only 7 year, recited this katha before a huge congregation of devotees, schores and common masses in the sprawling premises of goswami Tulsidas established ‘Sankat Mochan Hanumanji Temple’ in Varanasi. This talent of recting katha was developed in him by this father, Shri Narayan Shastri Since his childhood.

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