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Rishi Astrology

Astrology contributes a lot in composite harmony of life. Astrology is connected with the God. The only means to predict the dismay or charm of life given by God is- Astrology.Just as a bird needs two wings to fly high in the sky, a human being needs both fate and manliness to uplift the life. It is necessary to exercise the manliness acts inLarger my generic viagra between no cost of cialis in uk it generic cialis gel product canadian generic viagra half kamagra generic cialis 100 mg sildenafil buy. In buy viagra And order viagra air travel but - buy viagra the buy viagra hair is cheapest place to buy viagra online must rinse. From natural cialis pills Is hair, cialis cost wasn't on.order to enjoy the charm of life.

Lord Shiva is the primitive father of Astrology. He elucidated its significance to Narad Ji and Surya (The Sun). Surya whereupon advanced this knowledge through the sagas Bhrigu and Parashar.

Everyone wants to enjoy this materialistic life but unknowingly searches for the happiness in dark. Choosing the right path is the only way to become happy and prosperous. For this, it is necessary to identify own strength, resolve the problems on success path and complete the task on time.

An Irish saying goes- God is showering His blessings continuously but we are standing by holding the umbrella over our heads. Only astrology is helpful to know the above mentioned things in order to make the life happy and enjoyable. Astrology throws light on every aspect of life which can be seen even by a common man. For this, 3 elements must be known-

Need of Astrological Birth Chart

Astrology and Wealth

Astrology and Pleasure

Need of Astrological Birth Chart

Astrological birth chart is also known as Janampatri, Teepan, Teeva, Janmang (Horoscope). It is very difficult to derive any conclusion without astrological birth chart. As a doctor diagnoses the patient completely then predicts the disease and starts curing it, in the same way astrological birth chart tells about the exact position of Navagraha in different Star Signs at what minute and second at the time of birth. This is horoscope. Astrological birth chart of a native is basically a map of the cosmos at the time of his birth. The whole life of the native is derived by this map. A birth chart gives answer to many questions like a person is born in which Lagna, planetary position in different Bhav and its impact, which are all planets have got conjugation with others, which planet carries what degree, which one is straight and which is curved, what are the sources of income and hurdles on its path, how would be this materialistic life, which planet would run in its Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantardasha, etc. Predicting the future without birth chart is wild goose chase. By the virtue of birth chart only one can get to know the authentic knowledge of one’s life. So, it is very much important for everyone to get the birth chart in order to lead a happy and prosperous life. It is very difficult to move a single step without it.

We all are fortunate that our sagas have handed over us with a treasure like Astrology. The primitive father of astrology is Lord Shiva from whom Surya got this knowledge. This knowledge flown through many personage and we received it even after many of its sections got disappeared.

Charm and dismay are quite immortal. Astrology throws light on these immortal facts which help people rum their lives smoothly. These immortal facts are not seen due to lack of life cycle, thus birth chart is needed.

Birth Chart and Computer:

Birth chart must be prepared by a scholar. And it should be Shodahvarga with all charts. Few people keep their birth chart which describes only Janamank, Chandrank and Mahadasha, which is quite incomplete. An incomplete birth chart gives an incomplete knowledge only. For complete and authentic knowledge, all the charts (Chakra) are important.

Nowadays birth chart prepared by computers are quite prevalent. It is important to understand two sides of it. Two things have to be done to prepare a birth chart- Mathematics and Falit. Mathematical calculations can be done accurately and efficiently by computer. This entire task of computer is completely acceptable. But computer is unable to execute the task of Falit. Falit is entirely dependent on the charts prepared from the mathematical calculations only. To conclude the result, “Accomplishment of desirable” is most important as well as deliberation on ins and out while making any decision, preparation of subject, adherence of many epics, insight into the future by all subjects and principles earned from the divine grace of the preceptor are also needed, which can never be done with the help of computer. Not only now but even after one lakh years also no computer or device can be developed which would be capable of executing the task of Falit. A subtle most thought process is required for Falit. Thus, only an incomplete birth chart can be prepared with the help of computer. Birth charts prepared by computers are of no use and do not relate with the future of the person. This situation becomes even more ironical when an elite group of doctors, professors, engineers, administrative officers etc. feel honored having prepared their birth charts by computer. So, a birth chart must be prepared by a scholar only.

In order to make our lives enjoyable it is important for us to know ourselves rather than to others and only astrology serves this purpose, there is no other alternative.

We take birth as per our acts (Karma) in previous incarnation and which decides our ascendant (Janam Lagna). The whole life is derived as per the planetary position at the time of birth. Lagna in the birth chart is nothing but the map of the cosmos at the time of birth means at the time of birth, the seven planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn) out of nine were in the same sign, degree, minute and second as mentioned in the birth chart. This is not a matter of religion or superstition, it is true science. There are twelve houses in a birth chart which represent body, money, nature, mother, child, enemy, spouse, death, religiousness, actions or business, earning and expenditure respectively. Every house is led by a house-lord (Bhavesh). House-lord drives the house. It should be understood gradually.

The first house represents the ascendant (Lagna). House-lord and other planets present in this house decide the person’s physique, health, complexion and future illness and diseases.

The second house shows financial standard which tells the financial situation of the person at different stages in life. The person will be rich or poor, how he will earn money, what aspects should be taken into consideration to avoid bankruptcy. These things can be known by analyzing the second house.

The third house depicts siblings and relationship with them in future. Livelihood can also be analyzed from third house.

The fourth house indicates mother, house, vehicle etc.

The fifth house suggests about the child, whether the person would be blessed with a baby or not. If yes, then how it would be made obedient and if not, what are the reasons behind that and how it can be cured. This house also represents education, intellectual ability etc.

The sixth house points at enemy, diseases etc., whatever is derived from here, even the medical science treats it in accordance.

The seventh house stands for marriage that when the person will get married, how the person’s spouse would be and where the marriage will take place.

Nowadays families are being divided. Husband-wife go through an unnecessary tension. You don’t know that after your daughter’s marriage how her married life would be. Whether the marriage was in widowhood yog. Before marrying daughter, it is advisable to nullify the widowhood yog and be in the safer side.

The eighth house decides death that when the native would die. Whether he is short lived or long lived? How the native would die and when? Where he would die? The native would die of bile, cancer, musculoskeletal disorder, road accident, train accident or plane crash or how? These all questions can be accurately answered by the eighth house.

The ninth house tells about religiousness, fate, and opulence.

The tenth house describes business, trade, occupation, job etc. It is usually seen that people start their venture by their own wish and after sometime it gets closed. You should know it first that which business or venture suits you the most, which business will give you success. The success will touch your feet once you analyze these factors and then start your business.

The eleventh house contemplates source of income and inflow of money. This house indicates what could be the sources of income, hurdles in the path of income and how this hurdle can be tackled.

The twelfth house denotes the mode of expenditure. It decides whether the native would spend money in legal or illegal activity. Which are all factors should be taken into consideration so that wastage of money can be avoided?

For any person, there is no need to know any other thing apart from the above mentioned 12 needs. Knowing one’s potential, power and talent is knowing oneself and this can be known only by astrology. Your experience and ability don’t have any role in this and in fact it has become a hurdle. For example if someone is thirsty and crosses the river walking over it; without bending he would cross the river but remain thirsty. To satisfy his thirst, he must have to bend. Your experience, education and position have made you arrogant which harms no other but you yourself. Be humble and polite and you will see how beautiful, enjoyable and livable this life is. Politeness will take you to the feet of a saint from where you will be able to identify yourself and see the path of life. For this you have to step forward first.

Astrology and Wealth

By the virtue of birth chart, native’s earning, financial situation, source of income and obstacles in the path can easily be known. Very often we find people becoming rich with less effort whereas there are people who keep working day and night but don’t get returns in the same proportion. Such people are found saying that God is doing injustice with them but they are the one who should be hold responsible for their pity situation.

Second, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth houses of birth chart are associated with money. There are different happy occasions and unpleasant situations in everybody’s life. When you approach a virtuous person, he enlightens you with these situations in advance. When you work in accordance with your favorable stars, you earn money in abundance and when you are ignorant with the factors stopping you earn money and unknowingly you are going closer to those factors, it would lead to the efforts without desired returns. For example if your eleventh house is strong, you will make money but if the second house is weak, you will not be able to accumulate money. If you pour water in a sieve, you will not be able to collect it because of its pores. If the second house is strong, accumulated money will be everlasting but income will be less. If the Vyayesh is strong, one will earn more and loose too. Our sagas have elucidated-

Vittayodyarashayah patiyuta vittadhiko jayate

Labhasthe dhanlabhapau nijsuhritungadigo chettatha

Tadwallabhadhnadhipo tanugatavanyonmishtgraho

Lagneshe dhanlabhrashipyute lagne bahudravyavan

There are four Dhan Yoga-

1.) Lord of wealth (Dhanes) in wealth, lord of profit (Labhesh) in Labh, and Lagnesh in Lagna

2.) Dhanesh and Labhesh are in their Uccha rashi or Swarashi or Mitrarashi and both are in favorable position

3.) Labhesh and Dhanesh should be supportive to each other and sitting in the Lagna

4.) All the three Lagnesh, Labhesh and Dhanesh should be there in Lagna

It is told to many thoughtful natives. Anfa, Sunfa, Durdhara, Komdrum and Karak are also taken into consideration. It is usually seen that someone starts business without any consultation with a scholar astrologer and ends up shutting down the business after putting so much of effort and incurring loss. It happens just because every business does not suit to everybody. Which employment, side line business or trade is suitable to a particular native is decided by the concerned planet’s position and influencing factors in the concerned house. People are committing mistakes in ignorance. I would like to emphasize again that astrology is a pure science and considers the true facts only. It is a matter of immense pleasure that many industrial houses are taking my pieces of advice and establishing industrial units accordingly and making desired profits thereby developing themselves and the nation too. Once our India was “The Golden Bird” but today we are considered among the beggars, why? It is because we have blown off the light poles on our path and heading towards the dark unknowingly. Astrology is a perpetual source of light, so Lord Sri Krishna says- Sarvadharman parityajya mamekam sharanam vraj, means come before this ray of light so that your life becomes prosperous. I will enlighten your path..

There are a number of thoughts for these abstracts in astrology but it can not be summarized. Apart from this, a blessing of Goddess Mahalakshmi is a must for monetary gains. For Her blessings adoration of “Sriyantra” is also advisable.

Astrology and Pleasure

I would like to conclude that to avoid the hindrance on the success path; one should follow the enlightened path of astrology and have full faith in it as Lord Sri Krishna discourses in Gita-“Sarvadharman parityajya mamekam sharanam vraj” leave all complains, recrimination, aversion, ossification and come in its shelter. Only a preceptor gives this knowledge. There should be a perpetual source of energy behind us which inspires and gives direction. Thus is it said-

Gushabdastvandhakarah syadrushabdstannirodh

Andhakarnirodhitwad gururityabhidheeyate

Shanto dantah kulinashcha mantratantravisharadah

Nigrahanugrahe shakto gururityabhidheeyate

Preceptor is described as the one who drives us from darkness to light – Asato ma saddgamaya. Tamso ma jyotirgamaya. Mrityormamritam gamaya. A preceptor is the one who drives us from untrue to true, darkness to light and helps us attain immortality. A preceptor is considered to be calm, noble and having will power to materialize an impossible thing into possible, and should have command over Mantra and Tantra Shashtra and Amritasya putrah amrita- who can transform us into the sons of sagas. The path of success is paved by the grace of the preceptor and it provides the energy to follow the path which makes our lives easy and prosperous. This is why in ancient time, the initiation (Diksha), Sadgurudiksha and Sridiksha to organize this world and the next world was given by the same saint. In the following periods, the scholars of Srividya became extinct. So, the initiation of Srividya i.e. Sridiksha is at verge. Sri Gurudev was a Marwadi Brahman and realized saint who performed rejuvenation twice and left his body at the age of 126. People perceive that they can make their lives easy by their manliness only, there is no need of a Guru, whereas

Adikshitasya vamoru kritam sarva nirarthakam, pashuyonimvapnoti dikshavirhito narah

Adikshita ye kurvanti jappujadikah kriya, na bhavanti priye tesham shilayamuptabijvatt

Devi dikshavihinasya na siddhi nach sadgatih, tasmatsarvaprayatne guruna dikshito bhavet

Lord Shiva says, Parvati! Any act of an uninitiated person goes into vain and even a person without initiation does not attain salvation after death rather takes the incarnation of cattle. The acts of an uninitiated person go into vain in the same way as it is waste to ripe seed in the rock. O Goddess! A person without initiation does not get supernormal perceptual state (Siddhi) neither does he get salvation (Sadgati). So, it is a must to get initiation from a Guru. What is initiation (Diksha)-

Diyate gyanamtyantam kshiyate paapsanchayah

Tasmadiksheti sa prokta munibhistatvadarshibhih

To give the knowledge of secret and vanish the accumulated sins is Diksha.

When you get initiation from a saint, he focuses on the fourth house first-

Swocchsarvakshagtrastrikongrihnah kendrasthita vayadi

Srividya vinayadiyuktinipuno rajadhirajpriyah

When people approach a sage and say that they want to assume the initiation from him, the sage scrutinizes their eligibility first. As even nectar goes waste when poured into a vessel with a hole in its bottom, in the same way it is necessary to check your eligibility to imbibe this nectar in the form of Mantra. Only after being eligible, Guru Diksha or Sri Diksha or both can be availed.

By following the directions of Sadguru or Sri Guru only, one can avail Mantras, right path in life, knowledge of the birth chart and blessings of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah……………………